Learning Rust, Part 2: Personal Projects

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After gaining a fairly reasonable comfort level with the syntax of rust, I decided to embark on my preferred way of learning. Doing. I think I learned a lot more about the pitfalls of rust with the training wheels off. A seasoned rust programmer or a well educated newbie may not have made the same falls I did. A reminder that this post is going to be Opinion, do not take my opinion as a representation of fact.

Learning Rust, Part 1: New Impressions via Rust in Action

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About a year ago I bought some programming books and one of the books I bought was Rust in Action, by Tim McNamara. I chose this one because at the time I was considering doing what I’m doing now and I didn’t want to go in on my own with just free resources. Free resources while they often can be good on a technical level are generally full of proselytizing. They often do not want to call out the cons of the language or anything that may turn off a possible future user, and leave the user to find the foot guns, most books tend to be better about this.

Learning Rust, Part 0: I don't like rust

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This is the beginning of a new set of things. Inspired by my post on “certain kinds of guys” in hacker culture. In this post I’m going to lay out the reasons I have in the past not liked rust, why I became immensely hostile to it, and what spaces I operate in that made rust so inaccessible to me.

on Hacker IRC Culture

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Okay lets talk about a kind of guy

Whats This About

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First we think it’d be easier to say what this isn’t.