First we think it’d be easier to say what this isn’t.

This is not

  • a tutorial blog
  • a tech first blog
  • journalism
  • a sanitised view of us

Posts about tech stuff will often focus more on the journey we took to get to the result than the code. While we recognise the need for tutorial posts, we’re not interested in that.

Technology has been becoming less and less intersting to us, and while there is absolutely going to be posts about tech, we really don’t want to be seen as “a tech blogger” or a “games blogger”. Thats such a narrow intersection of our interests.

We’re not a journalist, what we write will be deeply based in opinion. Nothing we write should be taken as hard fact. Draw your own conclusions and think for yourself. Check and Verify.

We’re tired of hiding who we are. We want to be the queer, plural, disabled, mad furry kin that we are on the internet. We see no reason to hide it anymore. Be mad.